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01 - meet bri  on the Professional level

Meet Bri

I designed my first brand and website in 2017.

At the time, I was pursuing a career in photography & travel blogging, but I soon realized that I simply wanted these to be hobbies for me, naturally drawing me toward a career in digital marketing. While and after obtaining a degree in psychology, therapeutic recreation, and sustainable tourism, I held a number of various roles as a Marketing Manager, Social Media Manager, Email Marketing Specialist, Content Creator, and Communications Coordinator across several companies primarily in the Outdoor Industry. 

Throughout the past 7 years, I discovered that design was not only my passion but also my biggest strength AND that it was the biggest barrier for brands. 

Only to direct viewers to a website that didn't reflect what they were asking of them or match their brand message. I frequently advised these companies that they wouldn't achieve the results they desired until they prioritized and invested in improving their brand and website to reflect their high-quality offerings in a way that also attracted and converted their target audience. 

The brands that listened? They saw at least a 10x return on their investment. The ones that didn't? They're still throwing money down the drain wondering why they aren't achieving their goals. 

I watched too many brands throw money down the drain, waste time, and diminish their resources on marketing efforts.

02 - things you won't hear at Untamed:

A brand and website is going to solve all your problems.

Said every click bait marketer ever trying to make a quick buck off you.

I hate when designers sell you the fake story that the second you press 'publish' on your new website that you invested a few thousand dollars into, you'll instantly double last year's profits and all you have to do is sit back, kick your feet up, and watch your notifications blow up while you press play on your current Netflix binge. The truth? A website is not your automatic ticket to becoming a millionaire simply because it exists on the internet. BUT here's what it will do: 

A well designed, strategically thought-out website will:

  • Provide a consistent and cohesive client experience to attract your people and raise your prices
  • Minimize the need to continually "sell yourself" (your brand will communicate that in a way words can't)
  • Give your time back to pursue the things you're passionate about
  • Make reaching your ambitious goals 10x easier
  • Consistently establish industry credibility making you the obvious choice time and time again 

So sure, it has the power to solve many of your problems and increase your earnings but you still have to get it into the hands of your viewers to see the benefits of an human-centered brand. Anyone who tells you otherwise is doing you a disservice.

03 - some of our core beliefs and guiding principals

Some of the hills we will die on:

  • Templates have a time and place in a business but, at a certain point, every business needs a fully custom brand. That's why custom work will always be the focal point of what we do 
  • You see results when you remove the 'me' mindset of "here's what I do and why I'm so great at it" and replace it with "here's how I'll serve you and what it will do for you" 
  • If your branding doesn't fit like a glove, it won't serve you 
  • Design is a life enhancer, when implemented, life is more enjoyable
  • Branding communicates a message that words can't 
  • Branding is founded in the power of individuality, it's personal and requires intimate collaboration, without personalization the end result will lack human connection (which makes all the difference), that's why we keep things small and one-on-one
  • Brand design has to be approached holistically -  it's much more than a single logo 
  • You can get by without ever investing in design work but you'll never reach your full potential without it

04 - Meet Bri on a personal Level

"If business in the front and party in the back were a person"

Brand Strategist & Web Designer are just two of the titLES i HOLd

No one has actually said this but it's accurate

I love to play just as much as I love to design. After all, what's the point of designing your lifestyle if you can't live it? When I'm not doing all things brand and web, you can catch me flying my paraglider or speedwing, trail running, skiing, biking, and diving, I also love travel. I've been to 12 countries and counting, and 30-ish (I lost track) national parks.

Some of my core memories include: 

I seek inspiration from the world around me, whether that be the Andes Mountains, my quant backyard in the Wasatch Mountains, or my favorite coffeeshop down the street. With 7 years of experience in marketing and entrepreneurship sprinkled with a vast knowledge in psychology, I bring a wealth of knowledge and ideas to every project. While I won't claim to be a business consultant (yet), I like to mix strategic design with a little bit of business guidance to truly provide an unmatched client experience not only to you, but to your future clientele. When we work together, we'll not only be designing but planning how you'll enter into the next chapter of business growth. 

Untamed is my creative haven, dedicated to helping the go-getters and planet people, like you, design their lifestyle.

  • Seeing Everest while backpacking in Nepal for 2 months 
  • Living "Car-life" for 5 months while guiding wilderness therapy 
  • Running though train stations in Europe with two 50-pound bags filled with paragliding gear 
  • Hearing a whale while diving in Ecuador 
  • Being chased by 3 moose in the same 2-minute time span while living in Denali, Alaska 
  • Sleeping at the bottom of the Grand Canyon and running out of water on the way out 
  • Crying the first time I saw the Northern Lights 

Throughout my time working for some really cool companies (and even guiding for a little bit), I realized that the traditional job, schedule, and lifestyle was not for me, gaining the belief that life is meant to be experienced to it’s fullest potential, and with that, and Untamed was created in 2022. 

"If business in the front and party in the back were a person"



Allowed to remain in a wild state, not changed, controlled, or influenced by anyone.







Old Soul

The perfect mixture

 I'm a little bit of everything..

Want to watch the sun set on the mountains from the park with some boba? Count me in. 
Want to watch The Bachelor on Tuesday and an Elvis movie on Wednesday? Absolutely. 
Want to attempt an Everest summit next month? I'm in.
Want to build a business and design your lifestyle? 100%.

But that's what makes me good at what I do for multiple industries.

06 - lets do good

We're big fans of brands that not only look good but DO good. 

And we're walking the talk.

Obviously, we're big planet people and believe in doing good just as often as we make things look good. That's why a portion of every project gets donated to help support the work that The Ocean Cleanup Project is doing. We're big fans of their innovation, initiative, and success over the past decade. Never heard of them? Let me show you the entrance to the rabbit hole.


Experience the power of individuality.

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