My unique approach to branding, web design, and all the other good stuff is a little different than the rest. 

I thoroughly believe that you already work hard enough so it’s time to make your online presence work for you now. Your business has a story, and it’s time to share that drop-dead, awe-inspiring message. Your branding is meant to bring your people to you, evoke emotion, forge a connection, and most importantly give your dream client the opportunity to experience what it’s like working with you so that they’re ready to sign that contract before they even reach out. If you skip over crafting a strategic brand that builds trust with your audience and is centered around the people that engage with it, you’ll always have a hard time captivating and converting the right audience. 

The Untamed Approach is guided by psychology, consumer behaviors, marketing theory, and most importantly, what makes you, YOU (and obviously some design magic). This approach prioritizes asking the deep rooted questions, leaning into the “why” of your business, and finding meaningful ways to build brands with purposeful intention that is irresistible to the right people. 


Allowed to remain in a wild state, not changed, controlled, or influenced by anyone.


Hey, I'm Bri

A jack of all trades & master of them all 

Well, maybe not master of them all but I’ve definitely reached level expert when it comes to building brands with deep purpose from beginning to end. I’m here because I thoroughly believe that dreams are meant to be pursued collectively. When we pursue them together, extraordinary becomes the new norm. Let’s get one thing straight: designing stand-out brands and websites is my cup of tea but it’s just the beginning of what truly lights my soul up. Yes, I love the process of business evolution and if I could start a new business every day, I would, but that’s not all.

I’m fueled by adventure and pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone. In my life, I love hiking up trails to fly down them, trying new foods in foreign places, reading binge-worthy books, and discovering mouth watering recipes. 
Life’s too short to hold back from pursuing the life you so deeply desire, so I’m fully dedicated to seizing the moment and embracing the wild adventure. 

From one               
to another, it’s time to stop accepting a life that fails to
ignite your heart with excitement. 

kindred dreamer

If you’re anything like me, you’ve had enough of dull corporate communication, the pressure to follow trends, and the facade of ‘perfect’ content. When we work together, you’re not getting a rehearsed response, you’re getting the real & genuine me. If your vision of a thriving business involves treating clients like your closest friends and hopping on calls with messy buns, no makeup, and sweatshirts then we’ll get along like peanut butter & jelly. 

I believe life is an adventure, where passion fuels each journey. I’m here for the dreamers that want to become the doers and I know that the only thing stopping them from walking this path is the right systems and the confidence to take the leap. But that’s what I’m here for. 

Alright, you go

Untamed Studios helps stellar adventurers and passionate people break the mold and create their irresistible future by bridging the gap between radical design and strategic brand development. 


The Untamed adventure consists of...

Courageous Trailblazing

Untamed provides a one-of-a-kind creative service for the people that are ready for the next adventure in their business - whether your new chapter be a template, elevating your visual assets, or a complete rebrand, I'm here to guide you through this adventure.

Untamed Adventure

Business in the front, party in the back. I believe that successful businesses are built on balance where time is created for our wildest selves to coexist with our professional selves.

Transparent Collaboration

I want to bring your dreams to life and that's done through open communication. Only you can see your wildest dreams, I invite you to be bold in sharing them. I value honest feedback and a partnership approach to bring those dreams to publication.

Lifelong Passion

Your innate talents have been with you since the day you were born, exercise them for the rest of your days! I believe that your big dreams come true when you consistently aspire to reach them.

Unconventional Stewardship

In order to break the mold, you have to be unconventional and step out of the system that was designed to make you stagnant. Take the unconventional approach, share your story, and invite everyone to dream big with you.

Big Dreams

Start dreaming and then make it real. Let your deep pursuit of happiness overcome your fear of failure and pursue your heart's desires. Don't be afraid to share your big dreams because they only get bigger and come true when you do.

Within the essence of every project, you'll unearth:

Extraordinary creativity backed by strategy

Unbreakable trust

Unwavering Confidence

Purpose driven details

I develop brands with their foundation at the forefront, not the color or the main front, but the “why” behind why you do what you do. Without a strategy that converts, you’ll always have a hard time captivating your dream client.

Whether you want to be deeply involved in every aspect of your branding or want a completely hands off approach, incredible results happen when you put your trust in the creative process. I’m committed to designing nothing but excellence for your business, treating it as if it were my very own, with a warmth that makes your online presence feel like home.

Building brands is my zone of genius, while I tap into my zone, you'll be able to focus on yours. You’ll experience an effortless approach as I build the intricacies to your stellar brand, leaving you with more time to do what you love most. You’ll feel a sense of relief wash over you knowing you handed off the hard work to an expert who knows every element that makes up a head-turning brand & website; leaving you with nothing left to do but embrace the innate confidence your brand brings out of you.

“I don’t think that made any sense” is my love language. My speciality is knowing exactly what you mean when you describe what you want even when you don't. Share your big picture dreams and with a dash of intention and sprinkle of detail, we’ll welcome a brand that surpasses all trends and taps into what makes you unique. Once we’ve unearthed your stand out features, we’ll infuse that into every aspect of your brand identity. 

The stats...




Chai Tea Lattes consumed a day 

Paragliding flights taken

Continents visited

We'll go together like peanut butter and jelly if you...

+ Are looking for an online presence that’s full of personality

- Believe that investing in your digital home is not a worthwhile investment

- Like designs that look like everyone else’s in the industry and don’t stand out

- Only care about making money 

-  Aren’t confident and trusting in the creative process and how it’s meant to play out for the best, most desired results

+ Are also incredibly passionate about helping others go after their dreams

+ Are down for someone to cheer you on even after the project is complete

+ Are seeking a partnership that’s as dedicated and driven as you are in making a lasting impact 

And not if you..

The Subtle Details behind Untamed

If you haven’t caught on by now, I’m all about thoughtful details that create impactful and purpose-driven brands.

The Paragraph Font

Carefully selected with the knowledge that it was designed in 1690 by Nicholas Kis before it was mistakenly attributed to Dutch printer Anton Janson. It’s an old style font with excellent clarity and sharpness. It’s also the typeface to the book “Braving the Wilderness” by Brene Brown - a book where much of the inspiration to this brand came from.

The Shoe

Owning a business is a massive journey filled with endless self discovery and never ending learning. The shoe represents each step in your journey as a business owner. It also represents that Untamed will be with you every step of the way. When you put one foot in front of the other, you craft your story, and your brand tells it. 

The Baby's Breath

You know those filler flowers that just never seem to die? Baby’s breath is often used as one of those filler flowers. I chose to use it heavily throughout the brand as it represents the timeless and everlasting brand we’ll create together. While you’re allowed to change and evolve, we’re also here to craft something that is so deeply you, it lives on for forever - just like Baby’s Breath.

Many other brand elements of Untamed have purpose too - like the mountain, it’s the one I grew up by and is tattooed on my arm. The flowers are some of my favorites and are also a part of that tattoo…my brand is very me, and yours should be too.

I’m changing the way you approach brand development, with extraordinary visuals blended with strategy, to bring your dream clients to you so you can get back to your adventure.

You bring the business brilliance, I’ll bring the dreamy designs. 
Together? Chef's Kiss.

Say Less

In short,