Feeling                your creative energy                       falling                with your business, or just not sure how to even build your brand? 

Feeling               your creative energy                  falling               with your business, or just not sure how to even build your brand? 



out of love

I understand the struggle all too well, I’ve been there too. Did you know that your website might be inadvertently working against you and potentially costing you your dream clients walking away? You have half a second to captivate your viewer from the moment they click on your website, you could be losing your dream clients from the very first click. 

It’s time to rediscover how you want to present yourself to the world and reconnect with the passion that inspired you from the beginning. I’m here to guide you from a place of discouragement, confusion, frustration, and struggle to one of confidence, empowerment, and thriving with an undeniable soul on fire.

The Untamed Approach not only delivers design but also provides you with newfound confidence, clarity, inspiration, and motivation. 

The good news is...

that the choice for your future is yours: burnout, deflated, and confused OR a clear sense of purpose, unwavering confidence, and enthusiasm that leaves you bursting at the seams with joy?

Effective branding goes beyond aesthetics,

get ready to…..

Exude confidence professionally & personally 
Let your brand mirror your fundamental values and unparalleled offers 
Attract the clients you‘ve always dreamed of working with - without having to lift a finger 
Raise your prices because your brand showcases and builds an upgraded experience for your clients 
Build a passionate fan base that enthusiastically tells everyone about you because they wholeheartedly connect with your brand 
Bid adieu to the DIY approach and make the investment in yourself (shhh..others can tell when you built your brand on your own)
Focus on your zone of genius and redirect your time and energy toward your “why”
Stop battling imposter syndrome and letting a subpar brand hold you back

Brand Design

Holistic branding that captivates your ideal client

Web Design

Wrap your brand with a bow and a high converting website that passively brings your ideal clients to you


Bring them on board with your story before they ever even inquire

The services

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The wow factor

Other designers often overlook the essential strategy that a brand needs to succeed in favor of presenting you with the simple pretty picture of how to get rich quick. 

Untamed Design doesn’t skimp on strategy or detail, combining psychology and consumer behavior with your grandest dreams, we dive deep into the details and uncover the root of your “why”, crafting a brand that genuinely reflects your identity and pulsates with soul and purpose. Resulting in a brand that people irresistibly want to be apart of.

And, right now, as you work yourself to the brink of total wipeout, waking up every morning more anxious about your brand becoming the dumpster fire that holds you back every day…a business that caters to your unique needs, gives you space and authority to experience freedom the way you desire, and honors your energy levels might feel like a distant dream. 

You've poured your heart & soul into your business..

Flash forward six months from now and you’ll be experiencing: 

A website that’s not only strategic, but excels at converting visitors all while boosting your visibility on Google to generate passive inquiries 
Hear clients say “When I saw your website, I knew you were the perfect person for this” 
A business that’s a beloved brand that people can’t stop talking about
Your dream clients becoming real clients that feel more like friends than clients 
The ability to raise your prices because your client experience just got elevated 
A rekindled passion for your business, filled with renewed enthusiasm 
The financial freedom you deeply desire and deserve 
A deep connection to your brand as it truly becomes an extension of you

All because you have a brand that sparks your deepest passions and brings joy to both you and everyone it serves.

The Untamed Approach



Kind words from the people I
get to
cheer on

The Untamed Approach is one-of-a-kind but don't just take our word for it...

See The past projects

"I absolutely loved everything about working with Bri. She was so attentive to detail and took into consideration every single one of my thoughts or changes without hesitation. She created branding for my business like I never would've imagined. When I originally came to Bri, I had no idea what I even wanted as far as branding, I had so many different ideas and she did everything she could to bring it all to life AND some. I am so satisfied with what came out of her creative mind and so excited to finally launch a brand that feels like me!"


Elopement & Lifestyle Photographer

"The overall project came to be better than I imagined it was going to be! You were so helpful in listening to what I wanted and were patient with me when I kept asking for tweaks, which I am so grateful for! You gave my business and brand the voice that I have been developing for it and I wanted a logo and website to reflect this new voice and feel. I am so appreciative of all your help, wise words and amazing creativeness. My brand now has a personality and I am in love with it!"


Wedding Planner & Coordinator

"Bri is REALLY REALLY GOOD! She took my half-baked ideas and not only interpreted them but turned them into beautiful fully baked ones. She was patient with my slow response times but super speedy on her end. She made things gorgeous and the feedback given was always implemented just how I envisioned it. The whole processes was straightforward and easy to follow. And on top of that, she took care of connecting my showit account for me. I'm happy as a clam."


Career Consultant

Kind words from the people I get to cheer on

How our adventure unfolds...











Our journey begins when you fill out the contact form and share all your hopes and dreams. We'll then delve into the details and craft a custom experience based on your needs that will allow your brand to flourish.

We'll make things official with your your contract & invoice. I'll then send you your questionnaire. Finally, you'll put some visuals to it and craft your perfect Pinterest board.

It's time to grab your popcorn! This is where I embark on creating your visual presence with the careful selection of fonts, colors, designs, and web layouts. Before you know it, you'll get a notification that the designs are ready for review!

Now it's time to provide feedback (if you have any)! I'll refine the designs while ensuring everything aligns with your brand. Once you give me the official "I love it!" I'll begin exporting all the final files.

It's time to share your new designs with the world! I'll provide you with complimentary launch graphics and guide you through the launch phase. Once it's all said and done, keep an eye on your front porch for a special delivery.

Now is the time to stop settling for small

and step
into allowing yourself to live big

Embracing your genuine self in your branding not only attracts your dream clients but forges a brand that mirrors your values as we create a brand that is an extension of you. This cultivates trust in your audience, enabling you to charge higher prices due to the one-of-a-kind experience your brand provides. In turn, welcoming opportunities to pursue the work you’re most passionate about and create the freedom you desire within your business. And who doesn’t want more freedom? 

While we’ll definitely create a visually appealing brand that genuinely reflects your essence, we’ll focus beyond the aesthetics. You'll gain a clear understanding of your own identity, your soon-to-be real clients, and shift your perspective on nurturing a growing, worthwhile, and genuine brand. 

Let’s create something that people want to be a part of…

You deserve a brand that works as hard as you do.

Turn my dream into reality

Brighten the heartbeat of your business.